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Migraine Surgery

Anyone who suffers from migraine headaches knows that this chronic, painful condition can be debilitating and very difficult to treat. In addition to cranial pain, many patients who experience migraines must also endure episodes of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and extreme light and sound sensitivity.

When medications and other treatments don’t work or produce undesirable side effects, migraine sufferers often seek migraine surgery to alleviate their symptoms. If Botox injections work for you to temporarily treat migraine headaches, you will likely be a good candidate for migraine surgery, which provides long-lasting results.

About Migraine Surgery in Houston

To understand how migraine surgery works, you must first understand what causes migraines. Migraines are usually triggered by muscles in the forehead, temples and/or muscles in the back of the head.

To alleviate migraine symptoms that are caused by forehead muscles, these muscles are cut through tiny, inconspicuous incisions. This treatment also has the added benefit of relaxing frown lines and forehead creases, similar to the effects of a brow lift.

If your migraines are triggered by the muscles in the back of the head or temples, these muscles are not removed, but rather the nerves that connect to them are detached during migraine surgery.

Regardless of which muscles are treated during migraine surgery in Houston, the procedure is performed while patients are under general or sedation anesthesia.

Before Migraine Surgery in Houston

The first step before having migraine surgery in Houston is to undergo testing that will determine whether the headaches you are experiencing are, in fact, migraines. Once this is done, Botox injections are typically administered in order to identify which muscles are triggering your migraine headaches. Dr. Cho will also evaluate your health and medical history to ensure this treatment is right for you.

As with any surgical procedure, it is important to follow pre- and post-operative care instructions provided to you by Dr. Cho to ensure your safety and the best possible outcome.

After Migraine Surgery

After migraine surgery most patients need 1-2 weeks to recover before they return to work. After two weeks, most activity restrictions will be lifted, and you may resume normal activity.

Some tenderness and numbness along your scalp and the incision sites is normal after migraine surgery, but these temporary side effects, as well as any discomfort, bruising and swelling, will gradually resolve over the next several weeks to months.

After 2-4 weeks, you will begin to experience relief from migraine headaches and enjoy not only dramatically fewer migraine episodes, but also diminished pain and other migraine symptoms.

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